We proactively and constantly look for new possibilities by Investing in INNOVATION and in “out-of-the- box” ideas.

Ant Baits

An innovative ant bait housing has been developed for liquid or viscous formulations (patent pending) with the following properties:

  • Self-activated by the consumers
  • Water proof
  • It protects the formulation
  • It does not leak after activation regardless of the bait position
  • Child and animal proof

Bait Matrix

Very palatable and attractive bait matrixes have been developed that may be combined with various active ingredients and can be used in ant baits and/or cockroach bait products.



We have developed very innovative antifouling formulations using spinosyns (European Patent 2343975) and we are working in a research European Project in the antifouling sector.

Further Research Activities:

  • Spinosad mode of action
  • Medical uses of spinosyns
  • Natural substances as antifouling candidates
  • Natural substances with insecticidal activity